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Candy Rein

HBIC Diamond Dusted Tweezer 65°

HBIC Diamond Dusted Tweezer 65°

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Watch out, she’s coming in HOT & she WILL replace any tweezer that gets in her way.  This tweezer is going to be your HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE.  Using new & innovative technology, she is diamond dusted & FABULOUSSSSS. With the ability to hold up to as many (Only)Fans as you need, this girl will make you some serious Ca$h. 

The HBIC is a 65° volume and mega volume tweezer coated with diamond dust.  She has a pink and silver matte finish with signature CR logo.  The HBIC is 4.5 inches long with an 11mm length tip.  She is made of the highest quality Japanese stainless steel.  Each tweezer is handmade and hand tested for quality control.

Pro Tip:  The HBIC is perfect for pinching mega volume .03 fans or for fanning .05 and .07 fans on the strip.  Whatever your technique for making perfect fans is; you will now have a 10x better experience when you can count on your tweezers not to lose their grip.  You can thank me later!

Metal tools take 10 minutes in Barbicide to disinfect.  Do not leave any painted, coated or wrapped tools submerged in disinfectant for too long as this could discolor your tools.  Try using alcohol to clean and disinfect and place tools in sanitizing box.

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