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Candy Rein

Pinky Scissors

Pinky Scissors

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Say goodbye to all your other scissors and say Hello to Pinky she is our go to girl for all of our cutting needs, she always comes in handy ;)

She is sharp & on point; made from the highest quality stainless steel, so she will not rust.  She is lightweight, flexible and easy to maneuver.  You can count on Pinky for precision and accuracy when it comes to trimming brow hairs or cutting tape for lashing.  

Whether you are a lash or brow stylist, Pinky is a must have on your work station.  

Pinky stands tall at 4 inches long and is bubble gum pink with glitter on the finger rings.  Her blades are silver stainless steel, inscribed with the Candy Rein Beauty logo. She works great for both righties and lefties.

Pro tip:  Metal tools take 10 minutes in Barbicide to disinfect.  Do not leave any painted, coated or wrapped tools submerged in disinfectant for too long as this could discolor or chip away at the paint.  Try using alcohol to clean and disinfect and place tools in sanitizing box.

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