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Candy Rein

Starlets The Volume & Mega Volume Collection

Starlets The Volume & Mega Volume Collection

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Flawless, Gorgeous, 5 Star, A-List!  The Starlet collection will have all of your sets looking like some serious Eye Candy.  Our lashes fan like buttah because they are smooth and silky soft.  The Starlet Collection are super dark and sleek from base to tip.  You will be Obsessed with these lashes guaranteed!

Starlets come in mixed trays with diameters of .07, .05 and .03 in C and CC curl.  16 rows of 8-15mm lengths.  Luxury Lashes at their finest.

Pro Tip:  Use this as a guide for the weight of the lash fans and best retention.  You cannot lash every client the same, always keep in mind the health of the natural lash when choosing the length and diameter of the extensions.

  • For perfect symmetrical Russian Volume fans use  .07s  (2-7D  max)
  • If using  .05s make  8-12D fans max
  • .03s work best for pinching mega volume fans try (13-20D max)
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